RV Trailer's Need Suspension Upgrades

​Friction producing wear points:

Spring Eyes, appear round, the flat steel is formed around a mandrel.  They are rough, not round and a high wear point.

Shackle and Equalizer connections are rapid movement points with high wear.

Suspension diagram shows where the action is:

  • Leaf springs form the flexible foundation to absorb compression weight forces.

  • The outside spring ends are hard mounted to Outside Hangers.
  • The Equalizer rotates back and forth, transferring weight between the leading and trailing springs.
  • Shackles connect the springs to the Equalizer.


Standard conventional RV suspensions have;

  • No control over spring compression or rebound, allows excessive bouncing. 
  • No capability to correct tire alignment, allows vibration damage throughout the trailer.
  • Soft short life lubrication bushings lead to damaged suspension components.