The Suspension Hangers shown in this video are Aftermarket CORRECT TRACK II

  • CORRECT TRACK II is designed to retro-fit RVs without alignment capability.

  • ​Correct Track II will raise your RV two inches.  This will help leveling the rig with new taller trucks.

New RV Shoppers:
The cost of to the OEM RV manufacturer to equip new RVs with Correct Track 1, is far less than one of the tires supplied on the trailer.  It should cost only one hour of labor to customize your trailer’s alignment settings to your personal cargo loading preferences.  As a wise shopper you should insist on a new RV with an ALIGNMENT CAPABLE suspension system.  It will be safer, use less fuel and most of all, because of vibration dampening, prolong the happy life span of your investment.  Because you have studied this tutorial you now know more about RV trailer suspensions than most RV sales personnel.  Do not trust or buy from an RV Dealer who claims these facts are not important.  Thanks for reading and Happy Camping!

An RV Spring Hanger Modification called CORRECT TRACK can Fix Alignment

CORRECT TRACK is appearing now on many new RV brands.  

A new RV shopper should not consider one without Correct Track!

How does it work?