Wet Bolts are tricky

  • Lube port must face to the side.
  • Ribs hold bolt in place.
  • Beware of cheap wet bolts!
  • Weight must be off of the axles to accept grease.

Conventional RV Suspension Bushings are made from nylon or PVC plastic.

These materials are too soft to survive more than a few thousand travel miles . 

On a new RV, Replace these bushings as soon as possible.

Bronze Bushings are offered and perform as a longer life material.  Bronze bushings must be lubricated regularly to be effective.  Recommended maintenance cycle is every 2,500 miles.  Weight must be off of the axles in order for the required wet bolts to accept grease.

RV Bushing Material is Important

These bushings provide the important lubrication necessary to prolong the life of your RV's suspension system.  Short life bushing materials mean that your suspension components will soon begin to self destruct!