Illustrated above is a diagram of the right hand, center of a basic tandem axle system.

Basic RV Suspension Component Nomenclature:

  • This diagram is an under slung suspension as the axles are over the leaf springs
  • Over slung suspensions place the axles under the leaf springs.
  • There are two shackles (3) per side on a tandem, two axle suspension.
  • Shackles connect the center spring eye of each spring to the to the center equalizer (4).
  • Center hanger (2) attach the center equalizer to the trailer frame.
  • Suspension bushings are placed at each moving point (5), seven per side.
  • The outside ends of the leaf springs are anchored into a frame hanger.
  • Tie plates under each axle anchor the U-bolts that hold the axle tubes to the springs